Is your expensive computer at risk?


When broadband first came on the scene in the UK it looked at first like an expensive luxury but it has proved immensely popular and there aren't all that many houses in the country which are not connected up to a fast Internet connection. Shopping and even socialising online has become common, but probably the most popular use of the web amongst younger people is for online gaming. We all like to have a bit of an advantage over the rest of the competitors and the faster our computers are the more chance we have of coming out on top in those many split second actions! This means that a large proportion of the gamers online keep their computer equipment right up to date and have the fastest systems that they can afford.

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That's okay as long as no one else covets it! There is a temptation to people who have shinier toys than anyone else to brag a little bit about it which is okay if the people you are bragging to are completely trustworthy but the problem online is that you never know if the person you are sending a message to in a forum or chat room environment is a completely honest youngster in Tunbridge Wells or your local neighbourhood burglar in the next street! Thieves love computer equipment because it is so easy to sell on, they don't even have to drag it around the local pubs in the hope of finding a buyer any more now that eBay is so successful! Many are the people who have come home to find that the door has been kicked in and nothing has been touched except the precious computer system which has completely vanished, never to be seen again. How did the burglars know it was there? Simple. Some one, at some time, had told someone about it.

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We can't guard against every single risk and if we try to do so we'd end up paranoid but we can at least make sure that the equipment is properly insured. Many home insurance companies will provide contents insurance at a reduced price to clients who insure their bricks and mortar with them, and there are specialist insurers who will cover just the contents in rented houses and even in student accommodation. Make sure that your computer equipment is actually covered by any policy that you take out, because if you have single items over a certain value some insurers will refuse to cover them unless you have specifically pointed them out to them. You also need to keep a record of exactly what it is that you have got because if you make a claim you will have to be precise about what it is you are claiming for, and some insurance companies will ask you to produce receipts as well. Saving receipts for a reasonable length of time is a good habit to get into anyway, so you might as well start whilst you are young!

Remember that anything valuable is a target for thieves and your nice expensive computer system is a prime one, so you need to take whatever steps are necessary to keep your home secure and this will not only protect your treasured possessions but could also lead to a reduction in insurance premiums in the future as well.

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